Feature Friday: Daily Agapé
Feature Friday

Feature Friday: Daily Agapé

Valentine's Day weekend is upon us and while there are numerous dating services out there to help you find love there are not as many to help you support it. Daily Agapé is hoping to change that and become an integral part of building intimacy between you and your partner.

After you and your partner sign up for the service, the app sends you daily personalized questions to spark meaningful conversations. You can only see your partner’s response after you answer the question. Their CEO, Khadesha, described Daily Agapé as something you use post-Bumble: you find your partner on Bumble but keep your relationship healthy on Daily Agapé.

Daily Agapé is not the only startup hoping to improve your relationship. Paired, founded in the fall of 2019, is working on something similar. Given how large the dating market is, it seems logical that the post-dating app market could support multiple services.

You can learn more about Daily Agapé at

Agapé - The #1 Relationship Wellness App for Couples
Spark meaningful conversation, in 1 minute or less, with a personalized question from Daily Agapé.

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